popKasia MoÅ› "Flashlight"


Like a bullet from a smoking gun
They try to tell us that we don’t belong
Creeping round at the depth right
Just 2 shadows in love we’re ghosts

Two hearts are invincible
When we’re together
We’re unteachable
Haunted by if it’s wrong or right
Shadow in love we’re ghosts

Fire, like a burning desire
Taking me higher
Walk on a wire
We will never come down

It’s like a flashlight burning in our eyes
We call the dogs off
I got ‘em hypnotized
You’ll never catch us
Take us by surprise

Running faster
At The speed of life
Falling deeper
I’ve got you in the sight
Bringing down
Your eyes in the sky!

Like two animals on the run
No afraid to fly into the Sun
But invisible we don’t leave a trace
We are shadows in love
We were ghosts!

Lyric (c) Kasia MoÅ›